PP/PE rope lifting net fro 50kg rice and compound fertilizer

Short Description:

1. the net bag can be as high as the yard, and will never collapse, which greatly improves the inventory, saves the site, and takes up less space when the goods are not used after unloading

2. Useful life: 5-10 years

3. Strong and durable, reduce cost

4. Size : as your requirements

Product Detail

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Dear Customer, Free Sample can be accepted , Also supply OEM AND ODM !!

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Any color


Single knor/knotless

Net size

1.5*2.2m  1.5*2.7m

2.0*3.0m  2.0*3.5m 2.0*4.0m  2.5*3.5m  2.5*4.0m  3.0m*4.0m

Also can be customized 


1.lifting net:Used in port, storage and transportation of chemical fertilizer production enterprises as well as the transportation of bagged goods. Size and specifications can be customized

2.climbing net:For sports, leisure outdoor, size can be customized

3.safety net:Shipside cargo handling and cargo drop, all kinds of protection, size and specifications can be customized

4.windproof Net:Cargo stacking cover, rainproof cloth windproof, stable, size specifications can be customized

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Yantai Dongyuan Plastic Products  Co., Ltd  is an industry and trade integration enterprise,approved by national related departments. It has the ability of design,research ,quality inspection and development.our company can supply 3/4 strands PP danline Rope , Monofilament rope ,Multifilament rope , polyster /Nylon ,braided rope ,pp baler twine ,etc. and  polyethylene (PE) rope net, Korean hemp (PP) material net pocket, chemical fertilizer hoisting net, cargo storage net , car sealing net , safety net and various special specifications of hand-woven net ,  mainly used in the storage of fertilizer production enterprises, grain and oil processing enterprises .we love the company ,because we are families.

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Product Process

There is Strictly implement the production process and standards, and have perfect quality inspection standards, welcome to you visit our factory!

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Packing and shipping

Packing : standard is Plastic Bag or nude packing or Customizable 

 Shipping: we always as our clients’ requirements 

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Why trust us?

1.All these certificate Just means we are always Improving…

2.1.Premium Grade

3.Economical and versatile

4.High strength

5.It floats and can be stored wet or dry

6.Elongation 21% at break

7.Good resistance to solvents and chemicals

8.UV stabilized

How to find us ?

Hi, this is Tracy.. Nice to meet you, I hope to use my most sincere enthusiasm and professional product knowledge to provide you with the best service, if you are interested in my products, lets start to talk..

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Welcome to visit 

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