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    Top Quality Raw Materials
    Smooth Surface And Cut
    Sturdy And Compact Internal Structure

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    We offer you the most favorable price on the guarantee of providing you with high quality products 

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    The real services start from after sale

  • Cargo net made from PP or PE rope

      Here I want to introduce a new way of goods cargo loading and unloading, transit and storage way. I introduce this to you because it will save much money for you, which has been approved by our many customers. Just one piece of cargo net and one piece of rope solve your too much expense on...

  • The use of PE material

    The production method of PE (polyethylene) has three kinds of high pressure method, medium pressure method and low pressure method. The role of PE material can be used to make film, which is widely used in food, medical treatment, fertilizer and industry; PE can also manufacture vacuum supplies, ...

  • Foreign customers visit the factory

    Sep 18, 2019, Turkey customers visit. The customer from Turkey came to visit our factory.Customers visited our workshop, understand the production process, understand the strength of our company and our company's production capacity.We told the customer about the company...

  • Mariculture rope manufacturers share the introduction of mussel rope raising

    When mussels are cultured, they can choose the area where the water level is relatively shallow, so that the water quality will be more clear. When the water quality is relatively clear, it will be more convenient for basic management and observation of water quality.A mariculture line can be fix...

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Yantai Dongyuan Plastic Products  Co., Ltd  was established in 1999 ,it is an industry and trade integration enterprise,approved by national related departments. The factory covers an area of 10000 square meters with more than 20years of experience in rope production .

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