Natural Color White 3/4 Strands Twisted 6-40mm Polyester /Nylon Rope for Mooring Use

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Introduction: Polyester/ nylon rope (PA) is polymide, they have good toughness and strength, wear resistance, light weight, nylon twisted rope wear resistance is the highest.

Characteristics: nylon rope has good comprehensive properties, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubrication, and low coefficient of friction, a certain flame retardancy, easy to process, suitable for glass fiber and other fillers filling reinforcement modification, improve performance and expand the scope of application.

Application: starting pull rope, climbing rope, safety rope, traction rope, mooring rope, industrial hoisting rope, etc

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Natural color white 3/4 strands twisted 6-40mm polyester /nylon rope for mooring use






Natural color


3/4 /8/16/32 strands


Coil/Roll ,Spoon,hank/bundle,reel


it is used as fish net and
bolt rope, rope sling and alongside towing hawser.


superior in resistance to abrasions and sunlight

Packing &Delivery

1)Packing: Coil/Roll ,Spoon,hank/bundle,reel or as your requirement .

2)Delivery: we will do one detail plan as your order 

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About Productions

This product is made of high quality Nylon raw materials, through drawing, twisting line, making stock, and weaving together four processes. And nylon rope has good wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, super breaking force, 100% polyamide raw material particles, heat resistant and UV resistant outdoor fishing rope.

Specifications (diameter/number of meters/color) can be customized.

Application: Outdoor Gear, Shipping, Decoration, Ship mooring, Towing, Marine fishing, Marine breeding, etc.


1. Q: What's the Trade Term if we Purchase?

A: FOB, CFR, CIF, DDP(Door To Door), EXW Available

2. Q: What's the MOQ?

A: If for our Stock, no MOQ; If OEM, depends on the material which you need(Normally 1-3Tons).

3. Q: What's the Lead Time for mass production?

A: Around 20-30 days for delivery, if you need earlier, please discuss with us.

4. Q: May I get the sample?

A: Yes, we could offer sample free of charge if we got stock in hand; while for first-time cooperation, need your side payment for the express cost.

5. Q: Could you receive currency?

A: Yes, We are a Factory with exportation right, so we can receive not only USD$ but also RMB from foreign countries or local China.

6. Q: May I customize per our needing size?

A: Yes, welcome for customization, if no need OEM, we could offer our common sizes for your best choice.

Please feel free to let me know if there should be any question.

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