• Reliable process using high-quality PP polypropylene ropes from Chinese factories

    Are you an avid crafter looking for the perfect rope to incorporate into your projects? PP polypropylene rope produced in Chinese factories is your best choice. With its excellent quality and wide range of features, this rope is a versatile and essential material for all your crafting needs. One ...
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  • Exploring the Versatility of PE Rope: Yellow and Black Tiger Rope

    PE rope, also known as polyethylene rope, is a versatile and durable material that can be used in various industries. A popular variation of PE rope is 3-strand stranded polyethylene plastic rope, often called tiger rope. With its unique yellow and black combination, Tiger Rope is a visually appe...
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  • PP Rope: An Affordable and Versatile Packaging Option

    Finding the right rope is critical when packing and securing your cargo. With so many options on the market, choosing the right one can be challenging. However, if you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable option, PP rope is the answer. PP rope, also known as polypropylene rope, is a...
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  • Versatile Jute Rope: Perfect for Your Cat’s Scratching Needs

    introduce: Jute rope is a popular choice among cat owners for providing fur babies with a scratching surface. Not only is jute rope safe for cats, but it also adds an attractive and natural touch to your interior design. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using jute rope for c...
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  • The Versatility of Nylon Rope: Practical Mooring Solutions

    introduce: When it comes to mooring, ensuring the safety of your vessel is paramount. Versatile nylon rope is one of the must-have tools trusted by professional sailors and recreational boat enthusiasts. Designed for mooring use, this natural white rope is available in a variety of sizes from 6-4...
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  • The Versatility of PE Rope: The Ultimate Solution for All Your Rope Needs

    Are you looking for a reliable and durable rope for the toughest tasks? PE (polyethylene) twisted rope is your best choice. This 3/4 strand PE twisted colored rope is the perfect solution for all your rope requirements. Whether you need it for housework, industrial use, or outdoor adventures, thi...
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  • Customer Visiting

    European customers visit our factory and test our products, customers are very satisfied with our quality and service, and then establish a long-term cooperation. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the country to visit, we are committed to providing better quality and service
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  • The Versatility of Polyester Rope: Twisting and Braiding

    introduce: Polyester rope, whether stranded or braided, is a versatile tool used in a variety of industries including safety, nautical and recreational activities. Polyester rope has become a popular choice for individuals and businesses because of its outstanding features such as high strength, ...
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  • The Versatility of Stranded Polypropylene Film Rope for All Your Bundling Needs

    When looking for the perfect twine for all your bundling needs, look no further than Twisted Polypropylene Film Rope (PP Split Film Rope). Designed to be versatile and strong, this twine is a top choice across a variety of industries. One of the outstanding features of spiral polypropylene film r...
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  • Unleashing the Power of PP Rope: The Ultimate Game Changer for Strength and Durability

    In today’s fast-paced world, industries are constantly seeking innovative solutions that combine superior strength, durability and versatility. Thankfully, the answer lies in the realm of polypropylene rope. With their high strength and resistance to the elements, these ropes have become in...
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  • Everything you need to know about using black PP twisted rope in agricultural greenhouses

    The PP flat steel wire rope is made of 100% polypropylene pellets, which are heated, melted, stretched and cooled to form a mesh package. Therefore, the quality of PP rope is determined by the tension, length, bending and elongation during the production process. Length and cost are inversely pro...
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  • The Beauty of PE Twisted Rope with Different Colors

    Are you in need of quality ropes for your next project? Look no further than Yantai Dongyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. We specialize in producing high-quality ropes, including PE twisted rope with different colors. Our Polypropylene ropes are available in a range of sizes, from 3mm to 22mm in di...
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  • Loading time

    Loading time

    Even the rain could not stop the enthusiasm for delivery   Another perfect loading
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  • Loading container for Delivery

      Good protection for our clients goods, no worry for any package, welcome your inquiry !
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  • Swing Rope

    Factory new research experimental swing rope, 8 strands braided swing rope. Usage: outdoor recreation ground. PE swing rope is strong and durable.
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  • China Factory

    China Factory

    Apr 19th, 2022 Expansion plant, new small rope equipment into 5, ( 2mm-8mm) output increased to 2000kg/ day. Welcome to visit and cooperate with every boss.
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  • PE Prices Rise

    PE Prices Rise

    Since Apr 1, 2022. Polyethylene prices began to rise, although the inertial at the weekend to 930000 tons of high, the macroeconomic, linear futures rose, petrochemical enterprises for the market entities expectations, the more the and the beginning of the sales pressure, began to actively raised...
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  • Mooring tools

    The choice of mooring line connector solution often depends on the installation method and processing issues that arise in the deployment scenario. The type of connector used on the tail roll of the AHV may be different from that used for installation via crane barge. The use of pretensioning met...
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  • Compare performance

    Compare performance

    PE raw material transparent white granular, good ductility, density <1, float in water PP raw material milky white granular, larry strength, density <1, float in water
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  • Comparison of polypropylene and polyethylene materials

    Comparison of polypropylene and polyethylene materials

     For the heat resistance point of view, polypropylene heat resistance is higher than polyethylene. Polypropylene melting temperature is about 40%-50% higher than polyethylene, about 160-170℃, so the products can be sterilized at more than 100℃, without external force. PP rope 150℃ is not deforme...
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