Mariculture rope manufacturers share the introduction of mussel rope raising

When mussels are cultured, they can choose the area where the water level is relatively shallow, so that the water quality will be more clear. When the water quality is relatively clear, it will be more convenient for basic management and observation of water quality.A mariculture line can be fixed in the middle of the whole area, and then marked on the line. Once the water level changes, the water can continue to rise directly to the marked place, and the normal depth is suitable for farming.In the summer, about 30 centimeters of water is appropriate, and in the winter, about 40 centimeters is appropriate.

Each rope should also be fixed and the density of cultivation must be paid attention to. Basically, it is appropriate to have 6 mussels on each rope. Too many mussels are not conducive to the growth.In general, the length of the rope must be in accordance with the density of the culture, and the spacing of each rope should be kept reasonable to avoid the entanglement between the mariculture rope and the rope, which is not conducive to their growth.There are also many advantages and disadvantages to this method of rope cultivation. The advantage is that farmers can adjust the depth of cultivation at will according to the changing seasons, so that mussels can grow better.

Relative to other ways, this kind of aquaculture, the requirements of the water will be relatively shallow, and the conditions of aquaculture will be relatively simple, basically the farmers want to carry out can.As long as the rope is pulled up directly, the farming can be carried out. Daily management is also very important. Compared with other ways, the farming is simpler and the labor cost is also fundamentally reduced.However, this way of breeding also has drawbacks, because its stability is relatively poor, and the clams in the rope are always at risk of falling off. Once falling occurs, it will be a great loss for farmers.

Suggestions from mariculture rope manufacturers: in some extreme environmental conditions, the resistance of mussels to various disasters is particularly low, so when some predatory animals appear, it is easy to be hit and affected.Especially when there are some parasites under the water, the mussel is not any resistance ability, only can let these parasites slowly corrode themselves, resulting in a great impact on the mussel breeding.

Post time: Jul-09-2021