Foreign customers visit the factory

Sep 18, 2019, Turkey customers visit.

The customer from Turkey came to visit our factory.Customers visited our workshop, understand the production process, understand the strength of our company and our company's production capacity.We told the customer about the company, the number of people, the machinery, the quantity of shipments, and so on.The customer learned about the production capacity and strength of our company, tested the quality of the products, was very satisfied with our products, and established a long-term customer relationship with our company.

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Jan 16, 2020, African customers visit.

The customer ordered in the Indian market before, but after comparing the price, the domestic market is more competitive.Shandong is the production base of rope net, customers found our factory in the comparison on the Internet.

The customer visited the workshop, and we gave him a detailed introduction of the product process and showed the quality of the rope. The customer was very satisfied with the quality, and he was also satisfied with the strength of the company when he saw the large production workshop of our company.The customer then worked with us and has been placing orders for four containers a month in our factory so far.

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