Cargo net made from PP or PE rope


Here I want to introduce a new way of goods cargo loading and unloading, transit and storage way. I introduce this to you because it will save much money for you, which has been approved by our many customers. Just one piece of cargo net and one piece of rope solve your too much expense on warehouse.

Here bellow cargo net, rope and forklift are needed.


How does it work?

1, Strech the net on the ground and put bags of goods on the net layer by layer.

2,Put the four loops on the hook of forklift,surround bags of goods with a rope

3, Then use forklift to draw four corners of the net. Then hoist or move goods to where you need.


See video to make it easier to understand.


How this help you to save your storage cost?


Let us make a analysis from nets price, usage priod,its properties and how they are used.

1, Our cargo rope nets price is very cheap.  Each of our normal standard rope price is about 20 USD but plastic pallets nearly 97 USD one piece. Just one our rope net can save 73 USD for you. Wooden pallets and weaven fabric bag though lower price but usage period is very short and easy become rotten.

2, The usage period of our cargo nets can reach even 10 years. Normal plastic pallets can be used only for 2 or 3 years. The longer you use our nets the more cost you can save.

 3, Save warehouse much room. On one hand, our cargo rope nets weight much lighter and take much less room to store away than pallets. On the other hand, use this cargo rope net to , 5 tiers of goods can be put together in vertical level. While use pallets, only 2 tiers of goods can be put together. Thus too much room can be saved and you can take full use of your warehouse.Saving room is saving your cost.

4, Another application of the cargo nets is loading and unloading heavy duty goods. So you can use them to load goods on trucks and then leave goods and nets together in trucks. When truck arrives at the targeted place, with help of our cargo nets just use forklift to directly unload goods to store in the warehouse. The whole process will save much cost in human cost as well as time.



Very suitable for chemical fertilizer plants, grain factory as well as ports where bags of granules need to be contained and loaded or unloaded.


Technical Spec


Size and material Goods Layout Safe Working Load (SWL)
1.9×1.9×1.2 (m) PP 10 bags per layerx4 2000 kg
1.9×1.9×1.2 (m) PP 10 bags per layerx5 2500kg
1.9×1.9×1.2 (m) PE 10 bags per layerx4 2000 kg
1.9×1.9×1.2 (m) PE 10 bags per layerx5 2500kg
1.3×1.5×1.4 (m) pp 5 bags per layerx8 2000 kg
customized customized customized

Our heavy duty cargo net is an economical and effective way to ensure bags of goods are prevented from falling off goods stack.  Using our cargo net and rope the system prevents damage to the stock and the racking system in case of an accident. This kind of cargo net is widely used in big fertilizer plants, grain factories and ports in China. If you are interested, we would like you to visit these factories.

More question, please contact me.